10102020 the eternal return l’éternel retour 6 a choice making between the old and the new that’s what the crisis point is about let go of your old self release your ego your armour your weight your density 6 faire un choix entre l'ancien et le nouveau c’est le but de la crise lâche ton ancien moi libère toi de ton ego ton armure ton lest ta densité aside from its appearance or mathematical resonance the importance of this date is in its ending a two year cycle what was instilled and begun during the summer of 2018 has unfolded in stages and is now closing it will affect people in different ways essentially those who are most affected by current energies may either quietly reap the rewards or have to let go of their inflated sense of self importance whichever may be the case it will be fully revealed by December 2020 blessings x © etherealcounterparts

the brave one

Saint Christopher and the infant Christ c.1470   Dierick Bouts (c. 1420 –1475) Oil on wood - 62.6 x 27.5 cm during this period (another few coming weeks) with Mars in Aries square the great conjunction (Jupiter Pluto Saturn in Capricorn) everything is laborious and requires effort, but that's because we ought to be anchored more than usual exert self-control and much discernment (Sun Mercury in Virgo) understand that everything starts with oneself we can't expect from others what we cannot give to ourselves channel your energies choose your priorities focus on the essential and act from the heart forgive love •••• durant cette période (encore quelques semaines) avec Mars en Bélier en quadrature à la grande conjonction (Jupiter Pluton Saturne en Capricorne) tout est laborieux et demande des efforts, mais c’est parce qu’il faut s'ancrer plus que d’habitude se maîtriser et faire preuve de beaucoup de discernement (Soleil Mercure en Vierge) comprendre que tout commenc


the voyage's been long and the winds blow strong time to leave the ego-boat, johnny .. time to flow they name it the Solstice Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse    Solstice 20 June 2020 at 21:44 UTC New Moon in Cancer 21 June 2020 at 06:41 UTC hours after the Earth passes its 0° Cancer solstice point - 20.6.2020 the New Moon occurs at 0°21 Cancer  (same degree as eclipse of 21 june 2001)   and stages an annular solar eclipse or ring of fire  when the Sun and Moon align with the Earth - 21.6.2020 New Moon quincunx Saturn in Aquarius and five retrograde planets :  Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto are all aspects during this lunation  which inflict necessary restriction and delays on the new cycle's impetus Many steps have recently led to this point - in particular since the eclipse 26.12.2019 which was followed by the great alignment of Saturn Pluto and later Jupiter in Capricorn ..  since then, the lunar nodes have moved from the Cancer-Capricorn axis to Gemini-Sagittarius  theref

venus on a loop

Venus (Nasa) 2020 : 'the shift and things to be considered' -- a series  Venus on a loop  Venus began its retrograde period on 13 May '20 at 21°50 Gemini which will last through 25 June '20 she aligns with the Sun on 3 June '20 at 13°38 Gemini  there's something really outstanding about the 2020 Venus aspectarian and in particular about this Venus-Sun cycle  i couldn't possibly cover all the inter-dimensional implications in a post,  but here are some hints to ponder upon : - during the coming years Venus will rule Uranus' transit through Taurus -- playing an essential role in the "shift" - Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces 27 January, opposes it 18 October  and squares it four times in 2020 :  3 May, 20 May, 27 July and 30 December  - Venus opposes Mars 9 November and squares it three times in 2020 : 26 January, 2 June and 4 September  - on 3 May, Venus conjunct Sun in Gemini forms an opposition to the great attractor and a square to Mars - wh

start packing

Chart : 21 June 2020 , 6:41gmt Annular Solar Eclipse  right after Summer Solstice New Moon : Cancer 0°21 /  NN : Gemini 29°06 • • • 2020 : 'the shift and things to be considered' -- a series  way-showing the method ... the North-South Nodes (NN / SN) of the Moon have a retrograde motion and the axis represents the karma-dharma polarity in the chart after a dramatic passage through Cancer/Capricorn - since November 2018 with its series of eclipses and Saturn Pluto alignment the NN has been at 0 degree Cancer (22 April 20) and is soon to enter 29° Gemini (6 May - 10 July 20) Nodes’ change of sign is usually deeply felt like an atmospheric change ... full of forebodings • 0° is considered the ingress point of a sign and has a similar energy as a newborn a blank page, light, unloaded with heavy past luggage it’s eager future oriented full of hope and everything remains to be discovered on the other hand once “anaretic” planets at 29° of any sign are identified in a chart, the under

new rules of the game

2020 : 'the shift and things to be considered' -- a series  following the much talked about January 2020 planetary alignment  on 5 April 2020 at 2:45 gmt Jupiter conjuncts Pluto - 24°53 Capricorn which represents a major stage of our collective journey knowing that Saturn the ruler now in Aquarius will be in a separating conjunction from Mars Neptune in Pisces in a separating conjunction from Mercury Sun and Chiron in Aries, Moon in Virgo, Venus in Gemini, Uranus in Taurus ... there are two main areas where these energies will play out the banking/financial/economical arena and the religious organisations the pandemic has been a game changer and the current lockdown makes a great majority of people feel vulnerable powerless if not jobless and homeless we will now see a surge of totalitarian measures using global pandemic or economical austerity as justification I take this opportunity to call on light workers don’t lose Hope don’t give in to the fear and gloom keep your eyes on

pure thoughts pure words pure actions

2020 : 'the shift and things to be considered' -- a series  March 20th  is the first day of spring  and also the beginning of the new solar year  as well as that of a new great interplanetary cycle ..  it is suggested to carry out a deep purification until Friday March 20 for soul alignment.. I suggest daily meditations, visualisations, prayers of gratitude .. and turning toward your inner sun —may you all be protected and blessed !! pure thoughts pure words pure actions  le 20 Mars est le premier jour du printemps et aussi le début de l’année solaire et celui du nouveau grand cycle interplanétaire.. il est suggéré d’effectuer une purification très profonde d’ici vendredi 20 Mars pour un alignement d’âme je suggère méditations, visualisations, prières de gratitude - quotidiennes .. et se tourner vers le soleil intérieur — soyez tous protégés et bénis et hauts les cœurs !!  pensées pures mots purs actions pures  ⭐️ © etherealcounterparts 

divine timing

2020 : 'the shift and things to be considered' -- a series  with a great majority of planets in the earth element the divine will is manifested in matter  the coronavirus is a mysteriously timely mechanism (Neptune in Pisces) since Jupiter entered Capricorn ruled by Saturn which is coming out of its conjunction to Pluto (timeline collapse) all to be soon joined by Mars distant travelling (Jupiter) is being restrained (Capricorn) so that the collective progressively aligns to the new timeline and releases behaviours which are not aligned with the greater good it will necessarily give a breather to Gaia (Uranus in Taurus) 🙏 © etherealcounterparts 

choppy waters

  2020 : 'the shift and things to be considered' -- a series  a particularly challenging and confusing period ahead  as Mars enters Capricorn which promises its share of martial activations Mercury goes retrograde 17 February 2020 - 00:54 UT = 12°53 Pisces 10 March 2020 - 03:49 UT = 28°12 Aquarius the retrograde starts with a square to Moon in Sagittarius and ends with a quincunx to Moon in Virgo indicating disagreements in close relationships and inner conflicts between one's thoughts and feelings after some reflection while careful with your choice of words it is best to be outspoken and honest we are basically called upon to pause and reflect in order to rectify our mental programming and mindset 20 February Jupiter 17°46 Capricorn sextiles the ruler of this retrograde Neptune 17°46 Pisces and 26 February as Mercury conjuncts the Sun = 6°55 Pisces right after Mars aligns with the South Node = 6°25 Capricorn forming a helpful sextile ... we'll have thus the opportunit

treading the beast

2020 : the shift and things to be considered  a series the snow moon 9.02.2020 @ 7:33:16 gmt Passionate Full Moon in Leo trine visionary idealistic Mars in Sagittarius (w. g.c.) Venus in Aries conjunct wounded Chiron and fierce Lilith Jupiter Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn Last but not least Mercury in Pisces in the shadow of its retrograde This chart reminds me very much of the strength card in the Tarot Very Much so ! • • When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being me, I found myself." - Paulo Coelho •  • Symbol for your consideration ZUNI INDIANS PERFORM A RITUAL TO THE SUN. Key : A return to the glorification of natural energies. While the first symbol of this sequence pictured the magnificence of the returning sun after a storm, in this last symbol we see, by implication, man returning to nature and glorifying the sun after the long crisis of "civilised" living in artificial cities. For