October, October

October, October   as we approach the eclipse season  and to follow my previous post on the silent gold ...  i’d like to remind genuine starseeds and twin flames that we have volunteered to incarnate on Earth during this cosmic shift starseeds need now to only focus on their specific assignments and keep regenerating their energies twin flames alchemists who are done with much of their personal clearing , need to continue transmuting densities into Light until they reach their specific Union frequency and hear their collective call “the silent gold” (Pisces FM conjunct Neptune 10.09.22 - Equinox/Libra NM 25.09.22) saw the closing of a great karmic cycle for all collectives and the ceremonies around the passing of queen Elisabeth II has been a remarkable symbol for these times — meanwhile the systemic collapse is accelerating onward during this past September, the 144k have been upgraded with light codes and transmissions which enabled them to step into their core alignment and ascend t

silent gold

the meeting in the sunken city of Heracleion (near the coast of Alexandria) once the largest port in Egypt  was re-discovered underwater after more than 2000 years I usually feel the need to be precise and concise.  recently, I've constantly been receiving new downloads  and my attempts at writing were mostly unsuccessful this Virgo season is so out-standing Jupiter Saturn Chiron Uranus Neptune and Pluto , are all retrograde . .  and Mercury joins in on 9 September right before the Pisces full moon   so the 9.9 portal has come this year with seven retrograde planets out of nine ! in any case, i’ve received so many transmissions since august  i wouldn’t know where to start .. and i'm not sure if anything i say makes sense i've been progressively wrapped in  a growing luminous loving silence  from on high  words and all other forms of human expression  seem to convey very little meaning it's difficult to explain how the inner alchemical process actually 'feels' th


Twin Flames, Liberation and Enlightenment from a Vedic Perspective Interview with Indian Pranic Healer and “Love Bite Experiencer” Kailasnath ( because the topic of the dark should be addressed , as most of us in the ascending collectives have to struggle with its many faces during our journey - this informative text is shared for clarification as i see too many erroneous information circulating re. this topic — but the vedic point of view doesn’t necessarily always reflect my own take which will be shared in a separate post ) The issue of orchestrated “Twin Flame/Soul Mate” love connections has brought up many questions and responses from other cultural perspectives. Recently, a pranic sensitive and healer named Kailasnath shared his experiences of having been set up 4 times in classic “orchestrated love bite/energy vampire” types of love connections. We’ve been in correspondence for several weeks sharing complex spiritual issues relating to gods, goddesses, magic, clearing black magi